Affected joints and pain
Affected joints and pain Healthy bones

Healthy bones

Avascular Necrosis AVN can affect any joint in the body. The three most common joints affected by AVN and pain are: Hips, Knees, and Shoulders
Other joints that can be affected are Ankles, Feet, Jaw, Wrist, Spine, and Hands.

It is thought (but not proven) that 90% of all AVN cases are in the hips, and that the other joints make up the remaining 10%. However, more data is required.
Some people suffer bilaterally; i.e., both hips, or both knees.
Others suffer from multiple sites of avascular necrosis AVN in their body, sometimes known as multilateral AVN, hips, knees, shoulder, ankles etc.

Pain overview
The pain will be different for different people. In the worse case, it has been classed as second only in severity to those who suffer from bone cancer. However, some sufferers have hardly any pain at all. The onset of pain (if caused by an injury) can be immediate, or it may build up gradually over many months. The most common complaint is continuous chronic pain and interrupted sleep.

Please look at Pain and pain management for more information about pain and pain management.


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