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"I'm finding it shocking and surprising the number of new people joining the community. Let me explain. I was diagnosed with AVN first in both knees back in 2005, over the next few years it was found in both hips and shoulders. I had never come across AVN before and felt like I was the only person with it, I was always having to explain to people what it was."
"Thankfully I found this website and community over a year ago and realised I was not the only one suffering with AVN, it has been such a help talking to fellow sufferers who understand what I am going through."
Text taken from a recent post in our community forum.

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If you are suffering from avascular necrosis AVN Osteonecrosis ON, or are close to someone that is, please consider joining our AVN Charity UK community. You will find many shared experiences about AVN and how it affects each of us differently, importantly there are also excellent success stories about the road to "Pain Free".
We also welcome any health professionals who are involved in any way with Avascular Necrosis AVN, please let us know how you think you can help.
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Pain and Pain Management. Page 1 of 4

This is the bit that hurts angry (Excuse the pun).

Pain tells us that something is not right with our body and that you should stop, .... take stock of the situation, .... then sort out the problem.

All of us have endured pain through our lives, from falling over in the school playground to surviving the dentist chair, and (for our ladies) giving child birth, we can go on....

AVN puts a different twist to the feeling of pain, probably only another AVN sufferer will understand when you try to explain your own feelings of pain.

For non sufferers it can be described in a number of ways, trying to bring the realism of the pain from AVN.

The Writer's own explanationEduard Munch The ScreamEduard Munch The Scream

This is how I describe my own situation, I have AVN in my right knee.

(Please be warned - this is not nice reading for anyone) Now imagine a very sharp knife blade being very gently pushed in from the inside of the knee sliding underneath the knee cap. OK some pain - but as it was a very gentle insertion one would imagine bearable. Now for the bad bit, imagine this knife blade is now being violently twisted through 90 degrees, like with a quick flick of the wrist, as if to lift the cap right off the knee ..... Yes it reads horrible, but for me it's my best way to describe the pain in words (really sorry if I have upset anyone).

Other explanations

Descriptions taken from other sufferers - Imagine climbing the stairs normally, one step at a time, or getting up from your chair, then suddenly collapsing onto the floor in a world of pain which can only be described as fire inside your hip or knee. The pain is so sudden it hits you like a bolt of lightening. Many describe it as "The knives".

Another description is a "Pressure Cooker" inside the joint.

Hopefully reading this you can try and imagine what the pain feels like.

One really bad thing with AVN is that the pain often never goes away. It will fluctuate day by day, even week by week but never goes, you can end up accepting it as normal.

In future we will just refer to this pain as "The knives".

Last Updated on Thursday, 19 March 2015 22:02