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"I'm finding it shocking and surprising the number of new people joining the community. Let me explain. I was diagnosed with AVN first in both knees back in 2005, over the next few years it was found in both hips and shoulders. I had never come across AVN before and felt like I was the only person with it, I was always having to explain to people what it was."
"Thankfully I found this website and community over a year ago and realised I was not the only one suffering with AVN, it has been such a help talking to fellow sufferers who understand what I am going through."
Text taken from a recent post in our community forum.

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If you are suffering from avascular necrosis AVN Osteonecrosis ON, or are close to someone that is, please consider joining our AVN Charity UK community. You will find many shared experiences about AVN and how it affects each of us differently, importantly there are also excellent success stories about the road to "Pain Free".
We also welcome any health professionals who are involved in any way with Avascular Necrosis AVN, please let us know how you think you can help.

Living with AVNLike this intriguing dice triangle, it is often impossible to explain the pain from AVN to someone elseLike this intriguing dice triangle, it is often impossible to explain the pain from AVN to someone else

Coming to terms with avascular necrosis AVN is very hard for sufferers and for those around them, both at home and at work.

It is most probable that it takes a long time to get diagnosed, possibly years, and the understanding that the process of AVN can take many years to develop to the point of joint collapse, we have to accept  that AVN is with the sufferer for many years.

These pages are here to help, there will be more, please look back soon we are still very new.

Pain & pain management

It is impossible to explain the pain to someone, except they will sometimes see it in your face when the pain cuts through you, they will then have a better idea.

Here we try to explain the different pain levels involved with AVN and the pain management that needs to be in place.

Working with AVN

Todays workplace still has a lot to learn about anyone with disabilities, here we explain some of the legal requirements any employer or employee should be aware of.

Taking care of joints

When one joint is diagnosed there is always a chance that others will follow, we should do our best to look after all our joints, here are some ideas.

Eating Healthily

This might seem out of place but it is all too easy to slip into bad habits and allow the pounds to creep up, excess weight just puts extra load on our weight bearing joints.

There will be more, please look back soon, we are still very new smiley


Last Updated on Sunday, 09 November 2014 14:27