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"I'm finding it shocking and surprising the number of new people joining the community. Let me explain. I was diagnosed with AVN first in both knees back in 2005, over the next few years it was found in both hips and shoulders. I had never come across AVN before and felt like I was the only person with it, I was always having to explain to people what it was."
"Thankfully I found this website and community over a year ago and realised I was not the only one suffering with AVN, it has been such a help talking to fellow sufferers who understand what I am going through."
Text taken from a recent post in our community forum.

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If you are suffering from avascular necrosis AVN Osteonecrosis ON, or are close to someone that is, please consider joining our AVN Charity UK community. You will find many shared experiences about AVN and how it affects each of us differently, importantly there are also excellent success stories about the road to "Pain Free".
We also welcome any health professionals who are involved in any way with Avascular Necrosis AVN, please let us know how you think you can help.

Connections to other interesting web sitesLinks to other AVN sitesLinks to other AVN sites

Here we have our links to other interesting websites that help us all with our understanding of Avascular Necrosis AVN.




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Our Twitter page. #osteonecrosis #avascularnecrosis


Our Facebook page.


This is a great blog giving a lot of information on the authors personal experiences with AVN, plus many interesting articles and contributions from others.


The Perthes Association aims to to aid research to find a universal treatment for children with Perthes disease and hopefully a cure.

Link Stress and Arthritis

Does stress affect my arthitis? Also applicable to AVN. Stress can increase muscle tension, which can be related to increased pain.

Link NJR Surgeon and Hospital Profile

Information about each UK surgeon, including number of joint replacements performed.

Suggesting a new link

If you would like to suggest a suitable link to another website that can help with our understanding of AVN, please use the contact us form and include the link, plus any comments.

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