Become a member

It is very easy to become a member, on the home page and here there is a Join our Community Registration link on the left hand side, once you have registered and we have sent back you confirmation you will be able to log in to the community pages from the home page.

We do ask a few simple questions as to whether you or someone close to you have AVN, also for any medical people who are interested to write about why they are interested in joining.


Membership is free and gives you access to our new Community Forum where we discuss AVN and any other related topics.

We are a very new charity, and we are looking for volunteers to help collate information and share, The community forum is a great way to achieve that.

Research into AVN

In the UK there seems to be very little research into Avascular Necrosis, we aim to change this by lobbying whoever we can, wherever we can to see that something is done for this disease.

Please join us.